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Mendelssohn & World Press Freedom Day

It is World Press Freedom Day today! I am sharing Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio in C minor, Op.66 for two reasons.

1️⃣ In chamber music we celebrate free, independent and diverse voices. We are different in many ways but we inspire, reassure, uplift and empower each other.

2️⃣ Mendelssohn’s music was disparaged and condemned by the Nazis as ‘Degenerate art’ (Entartete Kunst) because he was Jewish, and sadly we still find many parallels in modern days.

Let’s send blessings to people who are defending their freedom of expression and remember the journalists and whistleblowers who spoke truth to power.

My favourite part of this movement is the quiet section around 00:45– glimmers of light amid darkness.🕯 For the full video, please visit: YouTube Channel

Violinist: MuChen Hsieh

Cellist: Max Geissler

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