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How Well Do You Know Your Favourite Brand?

Taking that extra step in learning more about a company before we make a purchase helps us make informed decisions. By avoiding companies with a negative track record and by supporting companies that make an effort to be sustainable and ethical, we can make a change. I have chosen two websites that I find incredibly useful. Just for the purpose of comparison, I have randomly searched "Tommy Hilfiger" in both websites.

What I like about it:

-Minimal and beautiful design

-You can search a specific category of clothing (e.g. Tops, activewear) and see an index page that includes price range and rating of various brands.

-You can filter brands by gender, product type, location, where it ships to, price, and values

-Articles on how to be more sustainable

-Stories of sustainable fashion

-Information on different materials including traditional fabric (e.g. nylon, cotton) and innovative materials (e.g. eucalyptus fabric, citrus fibre, mushrooms)

Searching Tommy Hilfiger

Searching specific categories

What I like about it:

-Includes background information of the companies, pros and cons

-Detailed information available to back each rating

-Includes a range of categories including food and drink, baby, clothing, electronics, household, office supplies, personal care, pet, retail and toys

-Covers a wide range of issues: animals (e.g. animal rights and animal testing), business ethics (e.g. governance and sustainability reporting) , environment (e.g. climate change and eco-certification), and social (e.g. human rights and irresponsible marketing)

50 sources of information: Including Greenpeace, Choose Cruelty Free, Free2Work and Friends of the Earth

Searching Tommy Hilfiger

These are information we probably do not know so I think it is worth the extra effort. Every dollar we spend has an impact in the world we are in. :)

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